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 One on one custom one hour session to create a plan to meet your goals! Great to jumpstart or refresh your plan!

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Three one hour sessions to focus on every meal + refine your focus + find foods that work for you in just one month! 

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The ultimate nutrition program to  keep you on track with two sessions a month for more accountability!

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Schedule a lunch + learn for your family or your office! Education, health management + live demos on site!

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Motivation to enrich your life with clean eating and a fitness focused mindset!

Level Lifestyle delivers a foundation to use your food to fuel you in your every day life and in your fitness level.  With a grounded approach on consuming more plant foods, you will build a foundation thriving on clean eating.  Our approach is primarily plant based to focus on your wellbeing from the inside out.  This approach delivers a steady and focused way of eating to stop the yoyo dieting and find your balance in quality nutrition. Our mission is to create a personalized, attainable healthier lifestyle for our clients.

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Food First, Then fitness

The problem with most plans? They are not made to create long term change or they are too complicated to follow! Not anymore! Together we will fine tune your food and fitness goals. Then we will create lifelong habits with easy to follow lifestyle changes.

With Level Lifestyle you will never suffer through another tasteless, boring meal plan again! My one on one approach is unique to YOU!

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Real Results, Real People. Real Weight Loss. Here’s what my clients have to say…

Julie Poellnitz
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If you are searching for certainty, progress, or visible results in 2021, invest with Jocelyn I have worked out at multiple gyms with personal trainers & a variety of classes in my 46 years. 2020 threw us all for a loop, but we made the commitment for a better physical body and got much, much more. My buns have never looked better! Grab a friend, grab Jocelyn and grab 2021 by the horns for your own ‘great personal reset’.
Shawn Owen
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Wanted to give a shout out to my nutritionist/health coach, Jocelyn Sidwell Holman! She is thoughtful, caring and works carefully to suggest a plan that meets your needs and lifestyle; allowing me to set goals that are attainable! Jocelyn has been a joy to work with and she has an amazingly delicious morning “tonic” that has changed my world!!
Jan Fentress
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As a newly single, empty- nester and approaching 50, I thought it was a perfect time for some self- love. Jocelyn has helped me create a plan for eating cleaner and exercising more. She tailored a meal plan that fits my food allergies and her recipes are so easy to make. I am so very thankful for all of her advice and encouragement, and appreciate all of her knowledge and expertise in helping me with my new beginning.
Patty Johnstone
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Your famous way of helping people use what they already have in their cupboards and fridge to make healthy foods! I still use your thought process on that, every day! You’ve got a way about you that makes a person “want” to do better, try harder, and get it done. You’re also hilarious and so incredibly intelligent, I miss your nutritional coaching.
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Just a few of her strong points are the variation of workouts, modifying workouts, handling personalities, breaking the mold on healthy eating..(delicious recipes with healthy materials), but the number one thing is setting the example for healthy lifestyle through dedication, variation , and satisfaction (you still live life and indulge)
David Z.
David Z.
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Jocelyn's knowledge, professionalism, and profound desire to share her enthusiasm for heath and wellbeing are unmatched!  More than just sending a tailored program, she also followed up regularly to see what issues or questions I had, and even went so far as to prepare some of the more complicated breakfast drinks for me when I had trouble doing it right myself.  Jocelyn truly believes in her craft and will go beyond expectations to make sure that yours is a worthwhile experience! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seriously interested in improving their health.
LT Sean Brady, USN
LT Sean Brady, USN
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Jocelyn took my vision on board and helped make it a reality. She had a passionate, yet respectful style that suited me well. She matched me at every stage in my health journey. She helped me cleanse, detoxify, and rebuild my body from the inside out. The most beneficial part of working with Jocelyn, however, was how much I learned. She taught me what certain foods did for the body. I went from reading “Nutritional Facts” to reading ingredients. Food became my medicine. Jocelyn provided me an empowering foundation of knowledge.
Dorothy J
Dorothy J
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Jocelyn has been an amazing and powerful force behind my quest to become healthier and stronger.  She provided a great foundation nutritionally and helped teach me how to feed my body properly and personalized it to my needs.  During this process, we discovered that I was having some additional health issues and she was instrumental in connecting me with another resource to help me identify and overcome those issues.  Jocelyn is a wealth of information when it comes to the body.  She balances that knowledge with a wonderful positive attitude and great compassion.  Jocelyn will be a part of my world for years to come!

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